Have a Banging Night!

Happy New Year from the whole team, stay safe and we’ll see you in 2019. Thank you to all our customers through 2018, your business is much appreciated. Please get in touch with anything we can do for you in the New Year – we look forward to working with you!

Online visibility in 2018

It used to be that having a website was the beginning, middle and end of your online presence. You launch your new all-singing all-dancing website then sit back and watch customers roll in. The thing is; the Internet is always evolved and reinventing itself. Norms become passé and get replaced by new mediums and trends.

What am I missing?

The first and most obvious would be social signals. We always recommend that you have some sort of visibility on a few social platforms and plug these into your website in a meaningful manner. There are a few reasons for this, the most obvious being that it’s another medium for customers to find your company / website. There is also the fact that having this social presence gives more weight to your website, in turn making it more likely to be found.

Which social channels?

This depends a little on what sort of business / website you run, not all mediums are suitable for all companies. As a bare minimum we always recommend a Facebook business page, an Instagram account (you’ll need something visual to share though!) and a Twitter account if you intend to publish updates and news.

If you intend to publish lengthier articles then it’s well worth having your own blog, you can then use your social channels to announce to your followers that you’ve published new content.

We always advise on what’s the most suitable for you when we build your web presence. For example if you happen to have a lot of tutorial videos then it would be an excellent idea to use Youtube for your video content, this can tie in with your website material.

Business listings, location location…

If you have a physical product to sell, or you have an actual branch / store – the google places / maps listing is hugely important. It gives local customers a hugely inflated chance of finding your company details and website. You can show pictures of your business, opening times etc to customers before they even get as far as clicking on your site. Local marketing tools like this can be hugely powerful. We can always set this up for you as part of your website package.

It’s all about taking a holistic approach to your online marketing, rather than simply launching a website. Have a chat with our team for more information.

URL’s, what’s in a name?

We buy lots of domain names for customers, lots. Some of which know exactly what they’re looking for and have done their research, some have even jumped the gun and bought their own domain name to protect their brand. What’s more common however is a new company approaches our team seeking advice over the choice of domain name.

I can just choose my company name can’t I?

Well, in an ideal world, yes you could. However the reality is that the Internet has been around a while now. A lot of people have websites and a lot of companies are on the internet. What’s often the case is that customers put effort into branding their company and growing their business, only to find out that when they want a domain name it’s already taken. Often it’ll be an unrelated business at the other side of the country, but it’s still gone.

My domain name has gone! What do I do?

All is not lost, thankfully there’s a greater choice than ever before with TLD (Top Level Domain) name extensions. It used to be that you needed to choose a .co.uk domain name or a .com if appropriate. These days there’s a huge list, way too many to list here, but if “superbuilders.co.uk” was taken (it is) you could choose superbuilders.info, superbuilders.club, superbuilders.store or superbuilders.app. The list goes on and on.

But I want a traditional TLD, mine is taken.

A good option if for a smaller local company is to pick a geographic domain name, using the example above you could choose superbuilders-yorkshire.co.uk, this would have the added benefit of telling your customers (and search engines) about the area you operate in.

Somebody has my domain name, but doesn’t use it?

This is quite common, often these were bought for a reason but never used, or maybe the company as closed and they’ve yet to hand back their domain name. If there’s no site on a domain it may be worth keeping an eye on it. There’s a good chance you’ll be able to buy it at some point in the future if it’s not being used. If you use http://whois.sc you can see exactly when the domain name lapses and maybe be able to snap it up!