The Danger of being a strictly ‘Bricks and Mortar’ Business

In today’s world, an online presence is important for any business. But why is that?  Well, depending on your type of business you can benefit from it in a multitude of different ways.  However, whatever your business – being online is paramount to successful marketing.  Social media is one of the biggest tools we have at our disposal for marketing, especially targeted marketing. 

In 2019, the Yellow Pages ceased the printing and distribution of their famous bright yellow directories, having moved from print to digital.  This goes to show that customers are now searching online for businesses and products rather than picking up the phone book.  So, let’s look at how much further a website and a strong online presence can take your business.

For this example, we will say your business is a painting and decorating company.  A potential customer goes online and searches “painter and decorator in my local area”.  The top result may well be, in which case there will be contact details for various companies in the area.  For some – that’s as far as online presence goes.

However, you appear in the top 5 Google results.  The customer goes to your website.  On your site is information on your company, the services you offer, perhaps some guide prices, a photo reel highlighting some of the work you’ve done previously and of course – positive customer reviews.  There’s also links to your social media feeds.  Facebook shows more customer reviews, comments, likes, shares of your work.  Constantly reaching a wider audience.  On Facebook you can join the local community group and post details of your business there.

The “shareability” of social media makes reaching thousands of people very easy to do and can be very cost effective.   

A survey carried out in 2019 showed that 90% of people use the internet to find local businesses, with 33% looking daily.  82% of customers read online reviews for local businesses and 97% read the businesses’ replies to the reviews.

There has never been a more important time to ‘go online’ as a business.  Contact Dark Cherry today to discuss how we can help you further your customer base and assist you going forward.

A Brand New Start in 2020

Is it time to rebrand? Well, to answer that question let’s start with what your brand actually is. Is it your logo, company name, company message or mission or maybe it’s the colour of your business cards.

Brand is all of these things.  It’s the way you interact with customers without even speaking to them.  Your brand sends a message to your consumer-base about your company.  A strong, consistent brand makes customers more confident in your business and can help to establish you amongst competitors.  Think of any successful business; from Apple all the way to YouTube, they all have recognisable brands. 

So, are you sending the right message? Is it time your brand was updated?  In today’s app-based and internet-focussed world, it’s very important to keep your brand current and strong.  It’s often the first part of your business that customers see.  Consistency is key across all of your marketing tools; business cards, social media channels, website, etc.

Rebranding can easily become a time constraint on a company, here at Dark Cherry we can help with all of the rebranding process, from design through to implementation.  We’ll take care of all the details, leaving you to carry on running your business.

We’d love to meet you to discuss our ideas.  Get in touch today, email us at

Cheap Organic SEO Services?

  1. Full of eastern promise?

We’ve got an in-house marketing team that looks after the SEO requirements for many of our customers. Anybody with an email address and a website however will have been bombarded with emails at some point from Indian (normally) marketing companies offering fixed price results. Normally these are of a slightly dubious nature and are easily dismissed, but what is actually on offer here?

SEO – fixed price results

This is the normal lure, and the first mistake that Indian SEO companies make when pitching to an even slightly savvy customer. The fundamental truth of search engine optimisation is that there are no guarantees with regards to results; something we’re extremely open with our customers about. Search engines such as Google shift their goal often and results change as often as the wind. You can make improvements to a site and its online marketing and normally see results, however the extent to Continue reading “Cheap Organic SEO Services?”

Live chat, is it all that?

Live chat has been around for quite a while, it’s no longer an emerging technology or trend. The general idea behind it is to break down a barrier to customer engagement or cut costs by enabling support teams to deal with requests more efficiently (and therefore more cheaply).

When we say live chat, we mean any popup window / box that enables a customer to talk directly in real-time via a textual medium. A common place you’ll see this is instead of a technical support telephone number, or used alongside to take the load off time and infrastructure intensive telephone support.

In our opinion there are two main types of live chat, although they work in the same basic Continue reading “Live chat, is it all that?”

What is Bedtime Browsing!?

Good question! Bedtime browsing is an increasingly recognised lifestyle browsing pattern whereby people are making their e-commerce transactions at ungodly hours when you’d expect everyone to be safely tucked up in bed.

Why on earth would people be online making mundane household purchases at 4am in the morning you say? Well studies have shown that with increasingly busy lives people are looking to liberate some of their recreational time and do their shopping while tucked up in bed (

There are a couple of points to draw from this new trend. From a store owner’s point of view, it means Continue reading “What is Bedtime Browsing!?”

WordPress: When not to use it for your website

When to use Wordpress for a website

WordPress is a very powerful CMS for building your site on, it’s actually the most common content management system used online to this day. For this reason it’s often a lot of people’s go-to application when they’re looking to launch a website. There’s lots of justification for this, it’s popular for a reason, but there’s a little more to it that not everyone understands or takes into account.

Suitability for task

If you’re looking to launch a simple website consisting of a few pages, using a fully featured CMS like wordpress can Continue reading “WordPress: When not to use it for your website”

Get your small business found locally: My Business (formally Places)

Part one of this series discussed how to use structured data on your pages so that Google can pick up essential details about your business, and best work out what it’s actually about. Google is pretty smart about categorising pages these days, but the same old rule holds true that the more cues and clues you can give it, the better.

Google My Business is a commonly overlooked feature that allows you to control how your business information appears on result pages. This is separate from actual search results, it’s the section on the right hand side of the main listings that show you visitors your company information. Continue reading “Get your small business found locally: My Business (formally Places)”

Get your small business found locally: structured data

Part one: structured data

So you’ve got a website, now you can just sit back and watch the visitors roll in right? Customers will call, business will flourish and all you needed to do was have a website built and put it live. Well, not really.

Getting the site live is the first step, what message does the site convey if nobody is there to read it? Modern search engines (read: Google) are very good at working out what’s worthwhile content and what’s not, however unless you give your site the best possible chance of at ranking you’re likely to sit below your competitors Continue reading “Get your small business found locally: structured data”

Have a Banging Night!

Happy New Year from the whole team, stay safe and we’ll see you in 2019. Thank you to all our customers through 2018, your business is much appreciated. Please get in touch with anything we can do for you in the New Year – we look forward to working with you!

Online visibility in 2018

It used to be that having a website was the beginning, middle and end of your online presence. You launch your new all-singing all-dancing website then sit back and watch customers roll in. The thing is; the Internet is always evolved and reinventing itself. Norms become passé and get replaced by new mediums and trends.

What am I missing?

The first and most obvious would be social signals. We always recommend that you have some sort of visibility on a few social platforms and plug these into your website in a meaningful manner. There are a few reasons for this, the most obvious being that it’s another medium Continue reading “Online visibility in 2018”