Social Media

Lots to say, nobody listening?

Looking to grow your current social media presence or looking to start new ones? We can help.

Social Media constantly surprises people, a lot of people think it is full of selfies, baby photos and meals out! Those assumptions are correct, but it is the other side of Facebook we are interested in. (the business side).

How often do you check social media to see what is happening at an event? Or company news? Some would say they use social media to find useful information, instead of a company’s website.

Can your company afford not to be on social media? We can help grow your existing channels or setup fresh accounts.

New to Social?

Don't worry; we can get your company engaging with your audience sooner than you think. It is about building the right audience and getting your information, offers and latest news in front of the correct people. This can be done in a variety of ways all of which we can help with.

Our Approach

Step one is to we sit down and understand what you would like to achieve from your social channels. It could be to drive your audience to your ecommerce website, inform people of your opening hours, offers and various other information. Let's chat!

We'll then decide upon the best strategy for what your targets are. This information will be compiled and relayed by our team in a report. Once we've got a decision and we agree on the targets we would like to achieve, we can begin to gain the strong following and post engagement your company deserves.

What are you waiting for? Come say hello.