Website Development

Need a web presence?

Want to revamp your current website, or perhaps just want a complete redesign? We can help.

Web design doesn't stand still, it's constantly evolving around new trends and customer needs. A 10 year old website is the equivalent to writing with a quill pen and ink! If you've got an aging website we can bring it bang up to date with a modern design that displays fantastically on all modern devices.

We can either keep your existing company image or make use of our in-house design team to offer a complete rebrand.

New to the web?

Don't worry; we can literally hold your hand through the entire process. We've helped many new start-ups get on their feet and onto the internet. You won't be bombarded with technical jargon and perplexed by unnecessary lingo, that's our job. You tell us what the goal is, what you want / like / don't like, and we'll make it happen.

We don't outsource any development or design work – it's all done in-house, which means you end up with a cohesive design that fits your needs.

Our approach

Step one is that we sit down and take a look at what you've asked for, a project manager will sit down with a member of our development team and our creative team. We'll discuss how best to deliver the sort of site you're looking for from a visual and functionality perspective.

We'll then normally sit down with you and talk through options, often we'll come up with multiple options which we think might be effective, and decide on an art direction. We'll bring artwork mockups and design ideas.

Once we've got a decision and we agree on the project we get things underway as quickly as possible – throughout the process you'll receive updates, previews, mockups and constant contact throughout the project at various keypoints.

The project culminates in a demonstration and handover over the site, before we push the button and go live!

The tech bit

Our sites are written for the common industry standard LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) environment. We can supply everything from small eye-catching postcard websites to full e-commerce websites with bespoke scripting and custom database projects. Our sites are all XHTML compliant, hosted on secure servers (with SSL encryption if required) and designed to be robust across any environment they're viewed in.

We're highly skilled in a range of scripting languages and frameworks (javascript / Jquery etc) so we can build a site that delivers the sort of eye catching visual impact a modern page requires.

Jargon buster:

Here are a few terms you may encounter when talking development. Don't worry, these are included here simply for the curious - we do the tech part and handle all the jargon!

  • PHP7: Server side script for dynamic websites
  • XHTML: The standard used for modern website frontends
  • Apache: Secure and fast web server software
  • MySQL: A database type used for data driven dynamic websites
  • Javascript: Custom scripting and automation
  • Jquery: Animations and visual impact
  • CSS3: Responsive and attractively styled designs