Selling online

We specialise in helping companies with their online presence, capitalising on the huge potential market of online sales. Moving your business online allows you to target customers you'd previously be unable to reach, offering products and services worldwide in some cases.


Regardless of if you're a company offering an existing product, or a new start-up specifically targeting online sales, we can build you a bespoke website designed to meet your and your customer's needs. We can provide a complete and fully-featured solution that can go as far as you want it to.

Our approach to e-commerce

Rather than offering a one-size fits all approach to online sales, we believe in really looking at what the client needs and analysing what sort of solution would fulfil their requirements and fit their budget.

Small-scale e-commerce

A small hobbyist level customer might want a simple Paypal integration that allows them to sell small numbers of items online, accepting payments with their Paypal account. This is e-commerce at its most basic level and perfectly suited to smaller businesses that don't wish to manage a full featured website.

Thinking bigger

Beyond this, we'd look to integrate a more fully featured web shop – we specialise in the Magento  framework and can help get your store up and running with this feature packed and industry standard framework.  Once set up you can maintain your own product listings, stock levels, customer list – the possibilities are limitless!


This is an absolutely essential aspect of any business that handles customer transactions; we provide secure e-commerce websites secured with the 256bit SSL certificates, guaranteed to keep unwanted intruders out and your customer data safe. We've over a decade of experience in industry standard commercial PCI compliance – the standards enforced by most merchant banks in order to keep data secure.

Customer experience / UX

The user experience is a critical part of any successful web store – there's no point in listing items for sale if customers either cannot find them, or become frustrated with the design before they make a purchase. We provide a platform that will give your items maximum visibility and a site that will be accessible to everyone – regardless of if they use a Windows smartphone, an Apple Mac or Galaxy Tablet.

Get in touch with our team today, we love working with new companies and helping them grow.