350% increase in traffic on launch month

Case Studies

Client Objectives

Empowerplan Limited required a website and online portal to assist their clients in monitoring staff wellbeing and implementing preventative measures and support.

EmpowerPlan helps businesses deliver health and wellbeing benefits, including
podcasts, pdfs and bookable workshops to their employees through an online
membership portal.


Client Objectives

Website Design

This portal needed an emphasis on usability for both employees and their employers.
Users required the functionality to access different personalised dashboards and vital
metrics to suit their requirements.

The Solution
The Solution
Instagram Feed
The Solution

The Solution

The team at Dark Cherry Creative delivered a fully bespoke WordPress-driven solution
to meet their requirements. We wanted to display their strong brand and passion
towards helping their clients throughout their platform.

We understood the importance of having a straightforward and easy-to navigate
website/portal to maximise client satisfaction and work towards Empowerplan’s vision of making wellbeing courses and material easy to access. 

To achieve this, we implemented a clear and intuitive upload and tagging system for employers and a filtered media library for employees.

The Results

The end result of this intensive and highly customised project was a bold and vibrant site that makes an impact as soon as you see it. Bright colours, attention grabbing graphs and infographics and a user-centric interface. We're proud of the polished appearance we achieved with this interface. 

Booking facilities: Online and offline meeting, seminar and group booking facilities.

Custom admin tools
Designed to scale
Management focused
Online booking facilities
Group seminar facilities
Fast page loads


Increase in traffic on launch month


YoY traffic increase


Website uptime

Social Media Support

With the launch of any new website, we work hard to provide initial exposure and help to create a buzz around the new product or service. Having been thoroughly invested in what Empowerplan were doing we felt in a great position to help the company promote the health, wellbeing and physical benefits of the scheme.

We provided social assets for sharing across all social media platforms and also pushed these out to our own audience.


We caught up with Managing Director of Empowerplan, Nadine to talk about the project, feedback on the website and how the business is progressing.


Dark Cherry were honest with me, hit every deadline we set, and not only worked through my lists of requirements but also kept me calm on a weekend when i’d call them in a panic. 

They brought my complex vision to life and exceeded expectations. we’re getting excellent feedback from both users of the platforms and other media companies. companies are welcoming the support we can provide for their employees.

They brought my complex vision to life
Nadine McCabe
Nadine McCabe