Search engine marketing & optimisation


Get your website visible & found in search engines

We can provide a variety of tailored search engine optimisation (SEO) services, regardless of your goals, aims or budget.

Our in-house online marketing team are here to help you build traffic to your website, increase conversions and generally increase your visibility in natural search engine results. We always say that SEO is a process rather than a single task, the activities and approach can change with your requirements and we constantly review / report on progress and current performance.

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How fast is your website?

Having a speedy fast-loading website is hugely important and It’s a great place to start. Site speed is important for several reasons. The most obvious being that people don’t like waiting… for anything. Sites should load quickly to avoid customers abandoning the site and going elsewhere.

In terms of SEO, fast-loading sites are important as Google (and it’s peers) specifically grade a website on how fast it responds. This is a critical aspect on search engine optimisation that is often overlooked. A large bloated page that loads slowly is unlikely to rank well.

How fast is your website?

How can our SEO services help you?

Put simply, how well your site is optimised affects how likely potential customers are to find your site ahead of your competitors.

SEO can be a complex and constantly changing topic, we stay abreast of changes and trends and work with you to improve how your site ranks in search engines. We break this down into 4 distinct stages:

Initial research

Before making any site changes or publishing content, we conduct an in-depth audit of the current SEO performance, this will form the basis of our campaign.

  • Keyword analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Site analysis
  • Content analysis

Site changes

In order to maximise search visibility, we’ll take the results of the site analysis and make the following changes as required in order to obtain compliance in key target areas:

  • Structure (headings, layout, keyword placement)
  • Technical (compliance, performance, code issues, accessiblity, images, scripting)

Content generation

Creating optimised content is the cornerstone of the changes we roll out when optimising a website for listing performance. Well-structured semantic information with clear sections of keyword optimised text are well digested by search engines.

Depending on the project we may also roll out specific optimised landing pages for services / categories, dedicated pages designed to rank for a single keyword theme.

Link building

Contrary to what other agencies may tell you, building links should be one of the last things to tackle when optimising a website. Blindly building links to add authority without ensuring all the on-site aspects are taken care of first can be a huge waste of time and money.

Beware any agency that just wants to build links, there’s every chance they’ll do more harm than good.

Standard: SEO Support

Ideal for start-up business requiring initial search visibility.

  • Google MyBusiness profile
  • Onsite optimisation for local keywords
  • Technical site changes
  • Standards compliance
  • Structure & content optimisation
  • Landing pages (up to one per month)

General features:

  • Monthly reporting
  • Keyword analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Google analytics

Gets your site standards-compliant and tailored to common local search phrases

£300 (+VAT) per month

Growth: Advanced Business SEO

Designed for expanding your business. increased leads generated.

All standard SEO support plus:

  • Additional content creation
  • Advanced reporting
  • Additional 5 hours support

A wider campaign designed to generate new search-friendly content with a view to winning you new business.

£500 (+VAT) per month

Enterprise: E-Commerce SEO

Advanced SEO tailored to product and sales specific optimisation and reporting.

All standard SEO support and growth advanced business SEO, plus:

  • Product feeds
  • Google shopping
  • Content syndication
  • Product landing pages
  • Structured data

If you've got an online store, we can push and market the items for you to reach a greater customer audience.

£700 (+VAT) per month
Content optimisation
Keyword analysis
Technical fixes
Feed generation
Conversion tracking