Websites for Charities

Additional help and facilities

Websites for Charities

Charity websites and design

We’ve worked closely with numerous charities and organisations that operate in a not-for-profit fashion and understand key differences required for the approach. The agenda for a website run on a charity basis is fundamentally different, not just in the funding model but in the core ethos of the design, flow, journey and overall goal.

The opportunity to be part of a charity project is something we truly value, it’s chance to effect positive change and to align ourselves with the countless worthwhile causes out there.

Brochures and printed materials

Marketing materials for promotional use, advertising, events awareness of printed materials for trade shows and events. We can design print and deliver anything from business cards up to large multipage brochures and banners anywhere in the UK. 

Website design

A website supporting charitable activity can be a powerful way to spread your message, or put more of a spotlight on the events and activities you undertake. This can work in partnership with a social presence as a strong form of fundraising, accepting donations and pledges live through the site itself.

Social media

Let our in-house marketing team put a professional face on your social media output. We can assist with anything you need; from social media setup and branding through to account management, post generation and asset design. As your digital partner we can be as active and involved as you require.

10% service discount: for all registered charities

As long as you’re an official registered charity with a registered charity number, we offer a 10% discount on the total invoice value. This is our way of doing our part to effect positive change in the wider community. 

We understand that cost can be a major barrier to obtaining essential digital services required for charity work, by helping registered charities get access to professional digital agency services we believe that this will further the cause and necessitate for effective fundraising, visibility and marketing reach.

Flexible payment plans

Funding and cashflow for charities can be sporadic, difficult to predict or just extremely tight. We understand the need for additional flexibility with payments that might fall outside standard invoicing terms. 

We work with the client from the outside to put together a payment schedule that works for both parties and wont cause any detriment to regular everyday operation.