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Case Studies

Client Objectives

Nikkie originally approached us in need of fresh branding and a web presence that truly represented her personality and what she did as a business.

Previously, she’d used Yellow Pages to build a basic website and provide some marketing facilities. She quickly realised she needed more from a dedicated team and the current spending wasn’t representing a good ROI.

Client Objectives

Website Design

We designed a website that was bold and vibrant, just like Nikkie herself. Our freshly designed branding used a hot pink colour which provided great contrast. The colour was used to great effect on the freshly designed website. 

The site is bold, vibrant and makes strong use of the amazing cake imagery provided, really showing off what the company can do creatively. 

Our aim here was to show off the cakes themselves, but also harness the personality and passion of the company itself. They’re very active on social media, engage with their customers and keen to do bespoke one-off work.

The Solution
The Solution
Instagram Feed
The Solution

The Solution

The website itself was tackled in two stages. The initial new website was launched to showcase current stock, provide a web presence, build trust by harnessing reviews / social proof, and make a local impact. 

Twelve months after launch, the global pandemic hit and the company needed to quickly transition how they work. The solution was to add e-commerce functionality to the site and allow a degree of customisation not normally seen in a web-based solution. Nikkie can literally bake anything you could possibly imagine, and the site needed to be able to empower customers to interact, customise and purchase electronically. 

The site is Wordpress based and features a catalogue pf varied collection of cakes, online shopping using Woocommerce, as well as information about other services the company can supply. 

The Results

The website was launched from a standing start on a new domain yet has built significant traction in organic search results with natural local reach from shortly after launch. Organic search is the strongest sales channel, with strong search results for Wedding Cake related terms providing a great ROI. We’ve enlarged the audience of the site further with an SEO campaign which focused on content optimisation.


Business comes from website


YoY traffic increase


Monthly unique visitors


Site uptime
Fully indexed
Optimised site speed
Full e-commerce
Increase in business prompted larger premises
Fully content managed
Works on all devices

Social Media Support

Sweet Temptations have a large social media presence, as such they need fully branded and designed posts to support their high quality service. Media supplied includes social setup for Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram as well as fully designed social posts and advertisements.


We’ve provided a large range of printed merchandise, including Flyers, Business Cards, Stickers, Menus and even a fully designed branded vinyl vehicle wrap. All of which revolve around the immediately recognisable hot pink branding


Don’t take our word for it, hear what company director Nikkie French had to say about working with our team, her growing business and how it has evolved.

We employ Dark Cherry Creative for all our business requirements. 

  • Branding 
  • Brand new website, with a full support package, with am online payment system. 
  • Facebook advertising Business stationary 
  • Flyers *Stickers 
  • Insert packaging post cards 
  • Gift vouchers. 

We constantly work with this company, for many reasons. 

  • There pricing is extremely good. Excellent value for money. 
  • There knowledge of the industry. 
  • Help and advice on hand when needed. 

These amazing guys have made significant changes, giving our business a complete, professional image

Excellent value for money.
Nikkie French
Nikkie French