A Brand New Start in 2020

A Brand New Start in 2020

Is it time to rebrand? Well, to answer that question let’s start with what your brand actually is. Is it your logo, company name, company message or mission or maybe it’s the colour of your business cards.

Brand is all of these things.  It’s the way you interact with customers without even speaking to them.  Your brand sends a message to your consumer-base about your company.  A strong, consistent brand makes customers more confident in your business and can help to establish you amongst competitors.  Think of any successful business; from Apple all the way to YouTube, they all have recognisable brands. 

So, are you sending the right message? Is it time your brand was updated?  In today’s app-based and internet-focussed world, it’s very important to keep your brand current and strong.  It’s often the first part of your business that customers see.  Consistency is key across all of your marketing tools; business cards, social media channels, website, etc.

Rebranding can easily become a time constraint on a company, here at Dark Cherry we can help with all of the rebranding process, from design through to implementation.  We’ll take care of all the details, leaving you to carry on running your business.

We’d love to meet you to discuss our ideas.  Get in touch today, email us at info@darkcherrycreative.co.uk.

A Brand New Start in 2020
Charles Sellers
By Charles Sellers