Building your website on solid foundations

Building your website on solid foundations

We work with lots of companies in the construction industry, from new one-man bands to larger firms that are already established. One thing we’ve noticed while working in this sector is that the company website is very often overlooked.

It’s common to see either DIY attempts or instant-pages created with a page builder system. A web presence is essential, however having an unprofessional home-built offering can actually do more harm than good.

If a customer visits your website and finds it doesn’t work in their browser or sees a page with spelling mistakes it has a very serious impact of the perceived professionalism of the company. From when a customer visits your website you’ve generally got in the region of 5 seconds to capture their interest and reassure them that your site / company is credible for them to read any further.

We offer website solutions that can work for all levels of business and budgets, from new start ups to larger companies with an existing website. A site should be viewed as an investment, one that should not be overlooked. Often 2-3 new clients are enough to pay for the website, at which point it’s simply an additional source of leads which will continue to pay dividend.

Likewise, think about the potential lost income from having an insufficient website offering.

Get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk to you about how we can give you a web presence to be proud of, that generates legitimate leads and new business.

Building your website on solid foundations
Charles Sellers
By Charles Sellers