Business Goals and New Year Resolutions

Business Goals and New Year Resolutions

We’ve all done it! Eaten too much, drank too much so we start with the New Year resolutions and we aim too high too quickly!

“I’m going to never have a takeaway again”

“I’m not touching alcohol all year”

“Daily walks are my new thing”

That’s great but are they realistic? If you miss one day or moment where you don’t do what you set out are you going to give in? There’s a high chance of it. Why not just cut down the number of takeaways? Or perhaps say I’ll aim to do 2 walks per week. That way you don’t set your self up to fail but also can be encouraged by progress rather than deflated if your day goes wrong.

This can be the same with business goals.

“I’m going to post everyday on social media”

“I’ll write 5 blogs a month”

“I won’t work after 6pm”

Break your business goals down in to achievable bite sized tasks. You could perhaps spread them over a achievable time frame.

The small bite size and time frame approach will then become the bigger achievement you were originally aiming for. Just without the increased opportunity of not completing them.

Remember Rome was t built in a day and there is no need to pile the pressure on yourself or your team to gain quick results.

Make the goals achievable!

Business Goals and New Year Resolutions
Richard Mansfield
By Richard Mansfield