Dark Cherry roles and responsibilities

Dark Cherry roles and responsibilities

Currently Dark Cherry Creative has 3 directors to the business that cover the top-level services we offer of design, websites and marketing. However, these roles link and overlap in many ways that really help us give our customers the best level of service possible. Covering such a huge range of areas allows scope for our three main services to work together with great synergy.  These work together simultaneously without any of the operational overheads you'd have from working with separate teams.

James Burton – Creative Director 
James has the responsibility for creating all our artwork . This is a very inclusive role as he gets involved in most of the projects as well as individual design projects. In terms of design, an example would be branding projects, building up a strong logo with all the supporting elements that will be used on all the platforms your business will be visible on. 

We also do brochure building, tender support, social post bundles and much more. In terms of websites, most of these projects start with James as all our website work is built from the ground up with a dedicated designer (no templates or copy / paste jobs over here). Having this one-to-one experience with a designer gives a personal feel to our service as the only limit to your website is your (and the designers) imagination. James also supports parts of the marketing side of the business with things such as social post designs, advert, paid ads and much more. Doing these with the support of Richard we can create truly informed adverts perfect for your target audience. 

Richard Mansfield – Marketing Director 
Richard is the marketing guru of the team. His role starts with in-depth research into each of our clients to gain an understanding of the ins and outs of where the company currently sits from a marketing standpoint. He will also look at the company’s pain points and make informed recommendations of where would be most beneficial to make your investments. 

We offer marketing support packages where we will sit down with your team and help put a marketing plan in place with monthly reviews to be reactive to any campaigns that are or are not performing as expected. Richard also covers the copywriting side of the company, assisting our clients with their websites if they don’t have the time to put their own content together. All out text is SEO optimized to give your website the best possible start on going live. 

Where the marketing side of the company really shines is it's ongoing support. Instead of just putting a website live and letting it gather dust we offer support with SEO, PPC, social media and email marketing to draw traffic to the website and help create leads. This is hugely important to get maximum impact for your website and we are able to support you as much or as little as needed. 

Charles Sellers – Web Director 
Charles is a one of the kind developer with the ability to code incredible websites on a huge amount of platforms and actually be able to hold a conversation (unlike most other developers)! He is tasked with building up and animating the 2d designs built by James. This can be a good challenge in some cases as our designs are always pushing the boundaries of what a website can do. Charles also takes charge of our website maintenance packages making sure all our sites remain online and working, as well as adding content and building pages to keep the site fresh. 

We also make regular backups of the websites so nothing will ever be lost. On top of this, he also manages the hosting side of keeping the website online. If you have any issues online Charles is the guy you pick up the phone to!

There are a huge number of processes we have set up to make sure every project is seen from the perspective of the other members of the team, this means we have a very well-rounded view of what we are doing to create the best outcome for you. 

Need to have a chat with us, well now we hope you know who you need to call!

Dark Cherry roles and responsibilities
James Burton
By James Burton