Don't take a flier when thinking about flyers

Don't take a flier when thinking about flyers

We all want to promote our companies, but what is the best way to do so?

The truth is there are many routes and marketing services to consider depending on the nature of your business and the target audience you aim to engage with.

One way to promote a business, special offers and upcoming company events is the tried and tested flyer route.

Design a flyer, put a logo on it, few key messages and contact details…. done?!

Not quite!


Although the information above is a good start how about slowing right down and considering what do we aim to achieve with these flyers? Are we aiming for a simple but effective brand awareness campaign? Are we informing people about our special offers or an upcoming event? Where will we distribute these flyers?

Once you have the main aim/goal of your flyer campaign. This is when to start thinking about the content of the flyer. Besides our logo and key messages, do we need a map to show our location? Do we supply all information possible or do we promote more of a teaser campaign? Do we add a unique code so we can track results? These are just some points to consider when deciding on your flyer content.

There are no doubts flyers can be a very rewarding channel of marketing if it’s done correctly and planned out.  A well-designed and informative flyer in the wrong person's hand is a waste of resource, same for a poorly designed flyer in the right hands could be considered far more frustrating. Remember first impressions are important.

Dark Cherry Creative is here to help with all avenues of marketing and flyers are one of them. The success rate of a good flyer campaign can be very rewarding. To speak to our friendly team and start your flyer campaign in the right way contact us today.


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Don't take a flier when thinking about flyers
Richard Mansfield
By Richard Mansfield