Hammering home your message

Hammering home your message

If you’ve got a trade-specific website looking to tout your services, one of the main things you need to do is get to the point about the services you provide and skills you possess.

We often suggest writing in an “inverse pyramid” style, start with your main point then elaborate on it below, rather than working up to a point / service at the end. It’s the same sort of structure a newspaper uses to grab your attention with a headline, they do this to give them the best possible chance of peaking your interest and getting your reading. The same applies to websites.

If you’re sitting down to write your website content, think about the most important points that you’d like to get across, the main services you provide. Don’t make the visitor scroll to find these. A great way to doing this is to have a few prominent “hooks” at the top of your page, something to confirm to your visitors that they’re on the right page and you can deliver the service they’re looking for.

Having a CTA (call-to-action) high up the page is also good practice, once the customer has seen the services you provide you need to look at turning their interest into an enquiry. Have a well-positioned and visually appealing link to a contact form, an invitation to read more / download a fact sheet / engage in some way.

You have such a finite amount of time to convert a click into a visit, give yourself the best possible chance. Get in touch if you’d like a chat about how to set up your content and ‘hammer your message home’ to customers.

Hammering home your message
Charles Sellers
By Charles Sellers