Instant Website vs Bespoke Website

Instant Website vs Bespoke Website

There has been a fairly large spike in demand for websites across a variety of sectors; this demand shows no signs of abating. Some of these sectors are made up of larger companies with disposable cash flow to allocate to large full-featured websites, however there are a large number of small businesses that would also benefit from a website.

This is where the “instant website” companies come in, they promise a simple and easy entry for companies needing a web presence. Sounds great in theory right? Some prices are simple too low to ignore, so what do you actually get for your money?

The "instant 1-click website"

Well they do what they say on the tin, so to speak. You’ll receive a site that contains your contact details and not normally much more. The normal method of doing this is that the company providing the web services has a number of templates to choose from, and you simply drop your company name and contact details in there.

It’s a website and it has your name on it. Most people just leave it at that, putting a big check mark next to “website” on their to do list.

Website templates vs bespoke website

Sorry, there are quite a few differences. The price that seemed too good to be true, often is! With a traditional custom made website you receive a site with a design, look and feel that’s tailored to your individual company needs. As long as you choose a competent digital agency that is.

The problem with instant website templates

Here’s the biggest issue, they’re hugely generic. The norm is to feature a large general themed image that can be applied to a huge variety of different businesses, think Moonpig greeting card with your company name in plain text.

The image this conveys is somewhat weak, and does nothing for your branding. Part of any good website is cementing the actual company image and branding, then conveying the message of your company to the viewer.  A “one size fits all” template can’t possibly do a good job of this, the template company don’t know you, they’ve never met you, and they don’t understand your business.

Fully featured bespoke websites

For any company serious about their web presence, this is honestly the way to go, and we’re not just saying that because we happen to specialise in websites!

When we take on a client we can make the site fit your budget wherever possible, we’ll work with you to deliver a site that will work for your company effectively, rather than just putting your name on a page.

We start from the bottom and work upwards, company branding is always at the centre of any effective website. Initially we always look to focus on branding, logos and related imagery, then look at building a site around this that is true to your message.

The benefits of a bespoke website

A bespoke website will always cost a little more, there’s no way of getting around this, there’s simply more work involved. But there are a huge number of benefits:

  • We’ve met you and understand your company needs
  • We’re real people that want to see you succeed
  • You gain a technical partner any ally, we’re on hand to help with any questions you might have
  • No technical knowledge required, we’re experts – you don’t have to be
  • You get the exact site you want, not a compromise

Some food for thought next time you consider a one-click instant website. Get in touch with any requirements you may have – we love to hear from you.

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Charles Sellers
By Charles Sellers