Meet the team – Charles Sellers


Hi, I’m Charles, the web director here at Dark Cherry. I specialise in bringing website designs to life, coding and handling any technical requirements that crop up.

I like to think of myself as the “approachable technie”. I might spend time in a darkened room staring at code that looks like something from the Matrix, but I’m also proud to be capable of conversing like a real human being too.

I’ve always had a strong interest in how things work from a young age, I wasn’t satisfied to play with toys, I wanted to know how they worked and what made things tick. The earliest book from my collection was titled “how things work”, this is indirectly responsible for my current position building websites.

When the internet first became a thing I was still at school (you can extrapolate my age from this!) and I was instantly hooked on tinkering with things. By college I’d already designed and built a few websites as a hobby which then led to completing a degree in Information Technology & Communication Management at Leeds University, then subsequent employment in the sector.

In terms of employment, I started as a web developer, originally at a junior level, but also had roles specialising in SEO (search engine optimisation) and internet marketing and middle management. I’ve designed, built, and run websites in a huge number of sectors. Everything from Health & Fitness to busy multinational e-commerce sites in the retail sector, Affiliate marketing, Automotive and countless more. 

Although I’ve always been lucky enough to have a large amount of autonomy over my work, nothing beats the freedom of running your own agency where you can work with clients and see them grow. I personally take huge satisfaction in watching new businesses go from the branding stage all the way through to taking on staff and expanding premises while we work with them. As we’re a full-service agency we’ve got the flexibility to work with customers on a large range of different projects which means we really get to know our customers and take an interest in what they do.

In terms of interests outside work, you’ll often find me in the garage under a car with a set of spanners. I’m a huge petrolhead and general automotive enthusiast, enjoying everything from general maintenance to autobody repair, refinishing and restoration. The same technical curiosity that led me to take an interest in websites also drove me to tinker with cars too. There’s nothing I like more than a good roadtrip, favourites being Wales and the Scottish Highlands. I’ve got far too many cars, a few of which are quite interesting!

Finally (it is Friday when I’m writing this..), I’m a big fan of craft beers, ales and stouts with a particular taste for sour beers. I’m an absolute sucker for anything that Vault City come up with.

If you’ve got this far, congratulations! If you want to talk websites, issues you’ve got, things you need, something you’re looking to have built etc – drop me an email.