Mobile app development – Do I need a mobile app?

Mobile app development – Do I need a mobile app?

They’re great, everybody loves apps, but do you actually require one or not?

We get lots of enquiries for mobile apps, they’ve been something of a hot topic for several years now. There was a huge initial spike in app development whereby everybody that had a website suddenly wanted a mobile app, because… they wanted their website to be visible on mobile devices, obviously.

The big “Gotcha” here is that websites (half decent ones at least!) have been fully responsive for a long time now. They work seamlessly on any device you can throw at them. Fire up your website on your desktop browser, your mobile phone and a tablet and you should find they are laid out differently but all function in a way that works for that screen size. If that’s not the case, then it sounds like you need to get in touch with our team.

So there was a huge glut of companies investing in mobile apps, but without a clear reason why. Many DIY website builders (such as Wix) jumped on this bandwagon a bit too and even offered a basic mobile app with their website builder schemes. This was of course just a version of the website designed to run in an app framework.

Luckily this insanity quickly passed as companies realised that nobody wanted an app for every website they could possibly visit, they only needed an app if it made something easier or added functionality that made their experience better. 

This is where we are today, the apps people install on their Android and Apple iPhone devices tend to have to justify their existence or they simply don’t get installed. 

In a roundabout way, this brings me to the point of this blog – do you need a mobile app? This is the first thing we do when an enquiry arrives for something of this nature, we qualify the requirement and do some due diligence rather than just building it because somebody asked. In general, to justify the creation of a mobile app you need to be answering yes to at least one of these questions:

  • Does your app need to work offline: when the user does not have a mobile signal
  • Do you need push notifications for your users: sending the user a message, to which they receive notification
  • Do your users need direct and regular access to your services to the extent that it makes their life easier to have an app on their phone
  • If you were a customer, would you dedicate space on your home screen to the company app

If you answer yes to a combination of these, then chances are you’ve got a genuine requirement for a mobile app. Get in touch with our team or visit our mobile web apps page to learn more about how we can help build you an app for Google Play or the Apple App Store.

If you answered no to all the questions, chances are you probably just need to look at your existing website, perhaps do some additional website development or even replace the current website. Again this is something we’d be happy to help with.

Mobile app development – Do I need a mobile app?
Charles Sellers
By Charles Sellers