New Year, Same Old Website?

New Year, Same Old Website?

2023 is firmly upon us, most people have returned to work and are open for business. But is your website still up to the job?

Like everything in the tech sector, website design and development is in a constant state of change. There’s certainly no such thing as a website for life, think of your website as the storefront of a shop. You wouldn’t depend on the same display year after year and expect it to continue to entice customers. Using the shop analogy, at it’s most basic level your website should be:

  • Visually appealing
  • Give somebody a clear and concise reason to enter
  • Portray your company in the way you’d like to be perceived. 

A bathroom showroom wouldn’t use Avocado or Rose-coloured Baths and Sinks, nobody has really bought these since the 90’s. Websites work in a similar way, but on a highly truncated timescale. 


Ask yourself the following and answer as honestly as you can. Once you’ve done this, send us the results over at: and we’ll see what we think. No sales pressure whatsoever, we’re happy to offer you our unbiased thoughts. 

  1. Does your website accurately show exactly what your company is about, without clicking through secondary pages?
  2. As a visitor, would you land on your homepage and want to read more?
  3. Is your site visually appealing and relevant looking? 
  4. Is the role of the site absolutely obvious? For example, if you primarily want to generate online meeting requests, is this pushed upon the visitor clearly?
  5. Are you proud of it?

Looking at your own content, assets or website with a critical eye means you really need to take a step back and look at it as if you were a potential customer. Don’t be clouded by your bias or company knowledge. 

If any of these points have cast doubt into your mind, then it may be worth looking at doing some housekeeping. 

It’s no secret that we love to build shiny new websites, however it may be that your site is just lacking some visual flair? Perhaps it needs restructuring so the content is clear? It might even need some fresh copywriting to better explain what you do. We can help with all of these.

If you are now questioning how good your site is, maybe now is the time to do something about it. As per the analogy above, your website is literally your storefront in most cases. Don’t let it gather dust.

New Year, Same Old Website?
Charles Sellers
By Charles Sellers