Social leads, there's "mortar" come..

Yes it’s another construction industry related heading pun!

The serious message here however is that we can help you grow your client base within your trade using our social media expertise. For anything services related, like construction, social media is a hugely important tool. We’ve covered how we can take control of your social media accounts and offer a management service to engage with your audience and gain you referrals + customers, however you can further accelerate your impact using a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign.

As the name suggests, PPC is paid advertising whereby you pay for each click on your advertisement. Unlike advertisements of old however these are extremely targeted posts aimed at people specifically looking for your business. We can drill down to specific areas and customer types to target only the sort of business you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for an instant impact and a surge in customers, PPC is a great way to build your customer base quickly. We’ll work with you to ensure you get a return on your investment with full monthly reporting and insights provided.

We offer pay per click services on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, the platform you choose very much depends on your business. Book a meeting with us and we’ll help talk through your options and work out how we can best help you get started with PPC advertising.