Social Media - Winging It vs Nailing It

Social Media - Winging It vs Nailing It

Our Marketing Director Richard gives some useful advice about posting on social media and how to know when it is the best time for you to post.

When should I post? What should I post? Winging It vs Nailing It

Social media is something we all check but do we all check it at the same time? My educated answer is NO.

Our mobile phones are taken everywhere with us, and social media can be accessed anytime. So the question we need to answer is when do our followers browse social media? The next question is, when should we post our business content?

Do you know when your audience is most active on social media? How are you currently timing your content?

As business owners, we have to take risks from time to time. It might be setting a budget on marketing or even hiring a staff member earlier than you planned.

However, we don't need to take risks with social media, whether LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram. These platforms give you access to vital data on when your audience is online and when to engage with them. It even lets you know which previous posts had the best engagement.

We spend a long time creating content for our social media followers and the last thing we want is for nobody to see it. You may have spent hours on a video, or written a blog and it could all be wasted if posted at the wrong time.

This data is found in the insights section of the pages you manage, but please remember the times are PST, not GMT, so add 8 hours to the times that align with the peaks of each day of the week.

This can give you a greater understanding of when your audience is online, allowing you to schedule your content to post around the same time, allowing greater reach and engagement potential for your posts.

But before you go post crazy, let's take the time to analyse previously published content. Was it a video post that engaged your audience? Was it a post telling a story? or perhaps a quick tip style post. Once we identify what has a positive impact and marry this with the best times to post, we can proudly say we are no longer winging it, and we can start nailing it!

If you would like a conversation about getting the best out of your social media, please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. Our team love deep diving into data and forming a social media strategy.

Social Media - Winging It vs Nailing It
Richard Mansfield
By Richard Mansfield