The best content management system of 2022

The best content management system of 2022

Apologies for the slightly clickbait title, the TL:DR is that there’s no such thing.

It’s a long running joke within my immediate social circle that whenever any research on a product, service, location etc is needed you’ll invariably be found searching for something similar to “Best action cameras of 2022”. 

Along this line, people often ask what the best content management system (CMS) is. The rather unhelpful answer is that it’s the one that works the best for your individual use case. There are hundreds of thousands of content management systems out there, some with really specific uses in mind, others designed as a one-size-fits-all.

Personal preference will also weigh into how people answer the question of what the best CMS is. A lot of website design companies will only work in Wordpress for example, others might develop their own content management system and stick rigidly to that.

We build on lots of different systems, rather than forcing you to use whatever we like using. Things to take into account include:

  • How technically proficient is the customer
  • What sort of control / access is needed
  • Who will be maintaining the site
  • What features / integrations are planned
  • Is the site transactional

We’re very much of the view that it’s easy to overcomplicate a content management system and put customers off tweaking their content / adding new blogs etc. In reality it doesn’t need to be this way. We work out what the customer needs and provide it. Logging on to an admin backend, then publishing a blog should be little more complex than opening up your word processor as I did to write this blog. 

An admin panel should be a solution to a problem, rather than a time sink in its own right. 

Do you have a login to your website with 50 different menu’s down the left hand side that you don’t want / need / understand? It’s possible your developer has used a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

The main takeaway I’d want from this blog, is that if you ask somebody why they’re using a particular content management system on your new site or project, they should be able to give you a really good reason for it. Just make sure they’re making choices in your best interest rather than their own.

The best content management system of 2022
Charles Sellers
By Charles Sellers