Top five questions to ask yourself about your websites performance

Top five questions to ask yourself about your websites performance

Richard has written his latest blog in the hope of helping business owners get the best from their websites. There is also a little exercise which may help find some inspiration to improve your website performance.

We often speak to business owners who have questions they want to ask us about their websites, some of which we don’t maintain or host. (This is completely fine, by the way)

Their websites are with another agency or are on a self-maintained platform such as Wix or Shopify.

But today, I’m going to flip this around. I’m going to ask you as a business owner and a website owner.

I could ask so many questions, but I think these five will be helpful to the majority of our audience.

1. Does your website have A SSL Certificate?

You may be wondering why SSL is essential for your website. SSL means your website and its data are secure. It prevents potential hackers from accessing confidential data. 

2. Is your website easy to navigate?

If a visitor lands on your website looking for something particular, how easy can they navigate to their desired location? We recommend that most of your pages, if not all, should be found within two clicks of leaving your homepage. Taking the time to make sure your website is easy to use is a vital step in the journey to creating a great website. Please don’t put all the effort into attracting people to disappoint them through your website navigation.

3. How long does your website take to load?

Similar to the point above, we need to ensure your website loads promptly and correctly. Things that could slow your website down are large image files that haven’t been optimised for the web, embedded video files, and a code-heavy page (usually on self-build platforms). A website speed check tool is a great insight to explore; most are free to use.

4. Is your website up to date with your latest services and products?

When a new skill or service is launched, many businesses forget to update their website to showcase their unique skills and services. If you or a team member have recently found something new or qualified in a new technique. Make sure your website is up to date and showcasing you as much as possible, and shout about the new services and methods you have. (also, promote them on social media)

5. Does your website provide a steady stream of enquiries?

With many websites, it usually boils down to it not generating the leads you may have expected. There are a few things to look at regarding website lead generation. Can you honestly say when you last converted a lead or sale on your website?


Take a pad and pen and write down your answers to these questions. You might be surprised at the ideas you generate and possibly have more questions about your website.

  1. Do you actively promote your services and products with the client benefits as the key message?
  2. Does your website have helpful and valuable content to help your visitors?
  3. Where do the majority of your web visitors come from? Is it social media content, paid campaigns, offline advertising, word of mouth etc?

I hope these questions helped, and ill be thrilled even if they got you asking other questions about your website. The overall aim was to help you take something away from this blog and plan the steps to improve your website performance.

Top five questions to ask yourself about your websites performance
Richard Mansfield
By Richard Mansfield