Website essentials checklist

Website essentials checklist

All websites are different, but here are some essentials that should be common to all sites, make sure you’re doing all of these before you go live!

We’ve covered some of these in more detail elsewhere so consider this more of an overview.

  • Clear purpose / product
  • Hooks to draw visitors deeper into your site
  • Accurate descriptive meta data for each page
  • Working links – check them all!
  • Content should be visible within 3 seconds (max) on all devices
  • XML sitemap
  • Valid SSL certificate
  • Links to your social accounts
  • Check it looks good and works well in all common browser types
  • Legal bits in your footer, privacy policy etc
  • Google Analytics – you want to know how many visitors you’re getting, right?
  • Working Favicon (the small picture in your browser tab). It’s only a minor visual touch but every site should have one!

It’s very easy to get tunnel vision when building / checking your own site. From personal experience we know it’s essential to get a second set of eyes on the site before you push the button. There’s only so far you can go with checking your own work, after a while your brain stops checking what’s in front of you and merely remembers it.

Once your site is live, it’s time to get it found by people and start building pageviews. We can help put together a launch plan for you – we’re experts in utilising the power of social media to launch a new site. We can also get you started with PPC (Pay Per Click) to give your site that initial kickstart.

Get in touch to see how we can get people onto your site.

Website essentials checklist
Charles Sellers
By Charles Sellers