Your logo is not that important.

Your logo is not that important.

Yep I said it!

It's straightforward to put too much attention on your logo; however, this should not be the case. Yes, your logo will indeed be on a large number of assets for your company. It needs to be clear to read and hold the intended impact and encompass your company values. However, you don't have to show everything in your logo. You don't want to make it too busy that it looks unprofessional.

A logo is and always will be a name and identifier for your brand. I mean that your logo is just what people call the services and products you are selling and does not need to include everything about your business. Your company brand is where you want to display your company look, feel and personality. It's where you will list your services/products its where you will show imagery and colours related to your brand. This is your primary selling tool for your business, not just your logo.

To create a successful and impactful company, you need to build on your branding assets. These are the tools you need to show people what you do and draw them in with amazing graphics to show the credibility of your business. It helps to establish trust before your customers even pick up the phone. Then what people move on and want to tell other people about the fantastic service they have received from your business this is where your logo comes into play.

Don't stop at a logo. It's a great start, but now you need to build on that brand to create the presence and impact required to draw in new business. Here at Dark Cherry Creative, all our logo projects come with an element of branding to help give you a heads up on the assets you will need to use going forward to create a consistent and successful brand. We will then support and advise you every step of the way on what is required to take the next step. We will grow with you as a business from start to finish.

So don't just rely on a logo. Build a brand instead.

Your logo is not that important.
Charles Sellers
By Charles Sellers