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Putting you on the map in Wakefield

Wakefield SEO Yorkshire

The city of Wakefield is the home of Rhubarb (being the capital of the Rhubarb triangle!) and known for formally having the oldest Knitter in the world and housing some of the countries most dangerous criminals in HMP Wakefield. It’s also home to the Hepworth Gallery and Sandal Castle.

Two of the Dark Cherry Creative founders grew up in Wakefield, so it’s a location deeply rooted in the company and home to many of our clients. We’re proud of our heritage and love working with local companies.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an ongoing process of building an audience for your website, increasing visitors, discovering valuable search terms and improving your rankings. Even the nicest of websites is money down the drain without an audience of relevant visitors and potential customers. We help you get found and convert click into customers.

Local SEO services in Wakefield

We’re Yorkshire SEO experts and specialise in getting local companies in the Wakefield area to rank for area specific keywords, helping them appear in relevant local search results. It doesn’t matter what size the business is, local visibility is always of paramount importance. Websites found through area-specific search terms are 65% more likely to stay on your site and have a far lower bounce rate. This means the chances of converting these clicks into customers or sales is far higher. 

Have a business in the Wakefield area and want to capitalise on targeted local traffic? We can help get you found and put together a full area-specific digital marketing campaign to grow your audience.

Key areas we cover

We’re very active in the Wakefield "Five Towns" area, you’re especially likely to see our advertising and presence around the following areas:

On-page optimisation

The content has to be right and the site has to work. This is one of the first places we start with our SEO efforts. You can have the greatest product in the world and write superb content, but if there’s a technical issue on your site that prevents Google from indexing your content or understanding the layout / structure, you’re going to face an uphill battle.

Technical website audit

Our on-site optimisation starts with a full technical audit of your website. We look at what’s working, what’s not, and find anything that we’d consider broken. This then get’s further broken down into a list that’s either:

  • Essential to fix: a serious technical issue that will harm your visibility
  • Action required: this could be anything from missing image metadata to lacking key layout features
  • Potential opportunities: something that you don’t currently do with the site, but could potentially result in better page content or make your site more attractive to search engines

Optimised website content & copywriting

Once we’re happy that the site works, it’s a case of working on your content. There’s a lot more to writing content than copy/pasting information from competitors or Wikipedia (don’t do this!). You need to write informative, well structured and unique content for your company. It should be specific and designed to engage your readers.

We can provide SEO optimised copy for your site or rework your existing content to be more readable and rank better. Google themselves will tell you that “content is key”, so this is an essential step that you need to get right. Well written and optimise content can pay for itself in a single conversion.

Off-site optimisation

This is basically any external factor than can effect your search engine results. This includes the following:

  • Social media marketing – this is a hugely powerful way to push to website content and build exposure
  • Guest blogging – content marketing is a great method of tapping into a wider audience that you’d perhaps not normally be able to.
  • Link building – if your website is an island that nobody links to, it’s not going to be viewed as being especially important by search engines.

Not all links are created equal, some can even harm your site. We’ve got access to a suite of tools that help us market your site in the most beneficial and powerful places, this takes the guesswork out of your off-site optimisation and avoids dangerous website penalties. 

Get a free SEO audit

We currently offer a free website SEO audit for Wakefield based companies, no commitment or pressure. This will give you an insight into your local coverage, exposure compared to your competition and general website performance. 

Every company is different and this requires a tailored approach. The report will show exactly how we would approach the task of optimising your website for local traffic. Get in touch with our team for more information, advice if free and we’re always happy to talk to local companies.

Why local results are powerful in the Wakefield area?

Wakefield is extremely well located and well connected. It site right where the M62 and M1 motorways intersect and is only a short distance from Leeds; one of the fastest growing cities in the UK. This makes local SEO results for Wakefield-based businesses highly sought-after. The potential reach and audience gives a strong ROI (Return On Investment) if your business is area specific.