Recruitment Websites

Website design for Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment Websites

Are you a recruitment agency seeking website design services for your company? Current website in need of a refresh, updated design, or perhaps a complete new website with new features? We can help build a tailored solution that precisely fits your needs.

Attract new candidates

Collating the information required to onboard new candidates is a laborious task. A huge amount of information is needed from each candidate to satisfy regal requirements before you even get to information that would help you to find them a placement.

Traditionally this sort of onboarding would be done via a combination of telephone conversations, posting physical forms, error checking, resubmitting forms, the list goes on.

We can create a bespoke solution that collects the information you need and automates the whole process. Gather all the client data you need and have this checked in real time during the onboarding process. No need to recheck and resubmit forms – input is handled from the outset.

Systems integration

Integrate your website with any of your backend systems or services. Want to keep in touch with clients via mailshots? We can send confirmed client information directly to your Mailchimp account with no manual work required. Need to send data to your CRM system? Let us do this for you and avoid the headache of manual data entry.

Integration is all about minimising the amount of error-prone manual steps and using your time more efficiently

Designing accessible recruitment websites for an inclusive user experience

You can’t depend on potential candidates accessing your site on a large desktop screen, a modern websites needs to work on all devices equally with a seamless responsive design. Being as inclusive as possible means you have maximum reach for potential candidates. A high-contrast, accessible, and well-designed website can be seen and used by everyone regardless of their needs.

Recruitment Website design from an award-winning agency

When it comes to building effective, scalable and accessible website solutions, we know what we’re doing. We’ve won recent awards, such as the Top 3 Website Designers in Bradford award (Three Best Rated) and the Barnsley and Rotherham “Highly Commended” award (In association with GluRecruit)