Artificial Intelligence for website content


Writing descriptions and content for websites isn't much fun, is it? Maybe there is another way...

It’s a fact, people don’t like writing content for their websites. It’s often seen as a laborious task that is best avoided, but the problem is that a site without content is just a logo and some pretty pictures.

The sort of content needed for a site depends on type of site you’ve got. If it’s purely an informational website then you’ll likely need descriptive text about your company, values, product and USP’s. There’s no getting away from writing this sort of content. The options are either to write it yourself, or outsource to an agency that is willing to write it for you (we can do this by the way..).

There’s more to content than just words on the page, it has to be punchy enough to capture the attention of your readers and informative enough to get across your message. On top of this it also needs to feature wording and phrasing that’s attractive to search engines so they’ll deem your site to be worthwhile. It’s a tall order and harder to get right than you might first think.

Now onto the topic of the blog, the upcoming use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for site content. We’re starting to see this used for things like product descriptions on websites, or describing an item. This might be of interest if you run an e-commerce website and are suddenly faced with writing interesting descriptions for 500 items where you can’t (or aren’t allowed) to use the manufacturer text.

AI copywriting uses machine learning to gain an understanding of what you’re trying to write, and what the topic is. It’ll then use natural language to string together some text which describes the item. Often you’ll have to enter some keywords or phrases to point it in the right direction. The AI will use phrasing and descriptions it finds on other websites and attempt to use this knowledge to build you a one-off description, rather than just copy / pasting other content.

All of a sudden you could have a full e-commerce catalogue populated by actual descriptions, not just a title, size and price! 

If any of this rings a bell, you’d perhaps benefit from a conversation about AI copywriting. If you just need some interesting and emotive text to describe your company and entice your customers we’d be happy to hand write you some. But if you need text descriptions for products, why not consider letting AI do some of the work for you?