Networking Burnout


It's a thing! Network, Network, Network it's the way to success. Well, stop, read this blog and read our experience.

There are so many ways to build your brand and make people aware of you and your business. (I'm sure I don't need to list them)

A strong candidate on that list is networking. It is a very popular way to grow your brand awareness and build relationships with other business owners who know, like and trust you, who can recommend you to their connections.


Networking can also be a significant time drain, energy drain and financial drain. In our first month of business, we attended around 20 networking events. This had mixed results and gave a very unrealistic view of networking and how to do it correctly. Some events were free to attend, and some had an entry fee. This didn't define any of them as some free events were far better than the paid events and vice versa.

The thing with networking is that it's about the time and energy you invest. Not the money it can cost. It's about being present, helpful and displaying your authority within your sector. The big question is, how many networking groups can you constantly 'show up in? I don't mean showing your face at an event every time there is one. It's about posting knowledge and helping others in Facebook and WhatsApp groups; however, the group communicates.

Our approach to networking changed very quickly and with a fantastic result. We stopped attending everything we could and chose the networking events we would consistently contribute to. This has allowed us to focus our efforts on the events that best suit us. As a result, we can focus our efforts in the right areas and not spread ourselves too thin but offer valuable contributions regularly without the fear of networking burnout.

Remember, find the events that work for you, show up and don't spread yourself too thin. Showing up in a few groups or events is better than juggling lots of groups with a minimal contribution.


We have a networking event of our own. This was designed for business owners in the Ossett and surrounding areas to meet like minded business owners and help each other grow their businesses. For more information please visit -