Now now we want it now


Something you hear children say in a sweet shop or perhaps a toy shop? adult who is shopping online? using a self serve machine? Queuing or having to wait for more than a minute for something to happen, wether it be online or in a retail environment.

As we move further in to a "self-serve" and App driven world, are we becoming so impatient we can't wait for other brands and services to catch up? And by that I mean businesses or brands and even services that don't allow us to do something straight away.

We are fast approaching a point of no return, some businesses could (will) potentially lose out on sales for not having FAQ's, Pricing, the power to purchase within seconds at consumers finger tips.

Let's use McDonald's for example, so they have the screens in restaurants where you can customise your order...fantastic I arrive choose a screen pay for my order and skip one queue. Leaps and bounds ahead of many fast food outlets.

BUT wait McDonalds don't stop there! You can now place your order on the McDonald's App from wherever you wish then once you arrive in store, notify them you have arrived resulting in us even skipping the potential queues for the self serve screens!!!

This is just one example of how the world is evolving and it's something many companies should be planning for. Could your company deliver results in this fashion? Could bots help? Perhaps email automation?

After all we wouldn't expect potential customers to have to spend a little while of their own personal time searching for what they want to know, especially in a phase growth for marketing automation and the power of apps, bots and voice controlled devices.

To see how we can help your business deliver a customer focused experience, please don't hesitate to contact us... NOW NOW NOW