Website copywriting shouldn’t be an afterthought

Website copywriting shouldn’t be an afterthought

Customers approach the issue of their website content in several different ways, let’s talk about how you should approach website content

Approach one: Just use anything

This is more common than you might think. With a website refresh content can be forgotten about and “just use the same content” can be a nice little timesaver. It does mean though that if the website content was mediocre before, then it will remain so even though you’ve paid for a shiny new website. If it’s a new website entirely, please resist the temptation to lift content from elsewhere. As well as being copyright infringement it sets you off on he back foot with marketing your new site

What we think:

We’re busy people and absolutely get why people would want to save time writing reams of new content for their website if they don’t have to. The problem is, search engines love content. In fact, it’s the main thing they’re looking at when crawling your website and deciding how important it is. If you’ve got content lifted from elsewhere, it’s seen as duplicate and unlikely to be looked upon favourably. If you’ve just crammed your existing content into a new site, and it turns out not to be very well written / well optimised, you won’t see the same potentially big benefit from a website refresh.

Approach two: can you do it?

First of all, yes – we can. If you’re too busy to write your own content or would prefer to have it produced for you then this approach makes absolute sense. Intending to produce your own content without having the time to write it is a good way to unnecessarily delay your site launch. Your time is valuable. Some people also just don’t like writing content, either because they don’t want to or aren’t good at it.

What we think:

A great choice overall. Don’t underestimate the benefit of having well-written and highly SEO-optimised website content. You can rest safe in the knowledge that your content will be appealing to search engines and read well for your prospective customers. Obviously  not everybody has the budget for full website copywriting, but certainly consider this if you want high quality content.

Approach three: I can do it, please find attached a document containing fully peer reviewed, well-written content

Good for you! Writing good website copy is actually quite an involved process, it’s easy to get wrong and is harder than people often realise. Sometimes we get a customer that comes to us with a full complement of great content, all organised into documents for each pages with heading levels indicated – all ready to go. As the person in charge of physically putting the sites together, being given a full collection of completed content in advance of the site design is the best-case scenario. It helps keep projects on track (time-wise) and gives you complete ownership over the content, tone of voice and approach.

What we think:

If you have the ability, capacity or a company with these facilities available – this is a really strong choice. Although copywriters will work with you to write great content for you, nobody knows your business better than you do. If we think there’s something you’ve missed we may request something additional or make recommendations, we’d obviously not want you to put lacking content on a new website. If you’re happy writing SEO optimised content that reads well for the customer, you should definitely do this, our team can always offer advice if required.

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Website copywriting shouldn’t be an afterthought
Charles Sellers
By Charles Sellers