When Did Marketing Become So Data Driven?

When Did Marketing Become So Data Driven?

Hasn’t it always been? What’s marketing data? What should I do with my data?

All of the above are all valid questions. Some of which are easier to answer than the rest.

So, you’ve launched your website, you’ve set up social media channels, PPC Account, affiliate programs and
many more methods are in place to drive potential clients to your website.

But, what are those potential clients actually doing? They visit your website make a purchase…perfect. They visit your website but leave after finding a miss linked page or they get stuck in a rut of expired pages……but how do you know that? How do you resolve the issue?

This is where our friend data comes in. So, there are a variety of platforms offering to deliver reports etc on your website traffic. We would recommend you speak to your web developer or agency about adding Google analytic code to your website. This will allow you to answer even more questions…we are driving traffic to the website but which pages are converting leads? Which of our products receives the most clicks? Which web pages do people exit the website from the most? How many visitors start the buying process but drop off?

Google analytics is the perfect solution to finding out the answers to all these questions and many more. Be prepared to learn things about your website traffic that could well lead you to make significant changes to your website layout and more importantly help you understand which marketing channels are actually converting for your business.

For a further chat regarding website traffic data, Google Analytics or anything else data related, please don’t hesitate to contact  Dark Cherry Creative.





When Did Marketing Become So Data Driven?
Richard Mansfield
By Richard Mansfield