Google analytics for dummies


Unless you’ve been under a rock you’ll have heard of Google Analytics, the de-facto standard in website traffic analysis. It’s not only a great tool you can use to see how your site is performing, but amazingly useful for visitor insights.

If you’ve not got this set up on your website yet, we’d strongly recommend you have a look and start using it. It cannot be assumed that a website will be performing optimally without watching how your visitors click through the site. Here are some examples:

  • Not getting enquiries, but have plenty of visitors? Maybe your navigation isn’t slick enough or you don’t encourage the visitor to go any further than the homepage. With analytics you could see where homepage visitors are going, and how many people are clicking on your contact form.
  • Set up goals. A goal can be a sale on an e-commerce website or the confirmation page of an enquiry form. With a bit of minor nerding you can set up goals and work out conversion rates.
  • See where your traffic is coming from. One of the most basic uses is to simply see where your customers are coming from. A report will show what keywords are bring visitors to the site and even what people are searching for on your own search forms.

The possibilities are limitless. Even if you don’t want the learning curve of getting your head around Analytics, get in touch – we can set up easy to use custom reports and lend a helping hand.

Trying to make a success of your site without Analytics is like setting off before defrosting your windscreen!