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10 things to remove from your website
We’re always telling you what you need to include on your website, but what about things that you should you think about removing completely?
Is my website fast enough?
Seems like a simple question doesn’t it, maybe one that has a yes / no answer? Unfortunately, as with most things in life, there’s rather more to it!
Advice on changing domain names
Should you change it? What are the repercussions? What is there to gain?
Keyword based domains
Are they still relevant or just a relic of a bygone SEO era?
Why should I write a blog?
Do you need to write a blog? What benefits do you get from one? Read why it might be worth putting pen to paper.
Backlinks for SEO, why less can be more
It’s common knowledge that the more backlinks a site has, the better it will rank, right? This was certainly the case 10 years ago where you could outrank your competition by simply building thousands of links of any old sites.
Cheap Organic SEO Services?
Online visibility in 2018
It used to be that having a website was the beginning, middle and end of your online presence. You launch your new all-singing all-dancing website then sit back and watch customers roll in. The thing is; the Internet is always evolved and reinventing itself. Norms become passé and get replaced by new mediums and trends.